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markilux - quality made in Germany

Design features
markilux products are designed to be timeless. Trendy and classic lines united in the perfect products for your home. Reputable designers have created beauty in both the technological and the textile.

markilux awnings did not get to where they are by chance. In each of our products you will find technical innovations crafted for a particular application. We try to anticipate the requirements of tomorrow and satisfy them today.

markilux developments are dynamic. We think well ahead as markilux customers should be able to enjoy our products for many years to come. Many of the ideas we have can be retro-fitted to already existing products. This makes our products very long lasting indeed.

markilux technology is designed to last for a small eternity. The materials used meet the highest standards to ensure problem-free operation for many years.

Certified quality from a certified company; independent bodies audit us and document our commitment to quality. The inimitability of our manufacturing, textile production and awning construction within one single company leads to the creation of products that do not leave anything to be desired.

markilux, dedicated to craftsmanship. markilux Specialist Dealers are experts when it comes to the sale and installation of awnings. We support these businesses with training and the transfer of know how.

“Superlative designer awnings - outstanding solar shading complementing stylish, contemporary architecture.”
iF Award     red dot Design Award 2012     German Design Award     Designpreis

Environmental protection

As far as we are concerned, it's the most natural thing in the world.

In accordance with the creative concept of "natural cycles", we opted at a very early time for environmentally-compatible production processes at Schmitz-Werke, and made appropriately high investments. In 1988, the production facility received the ASU award for environmentally-conscious management. As a member of 'Förderkreis future e.V.', we are dedicated to the development of environmentally-oriented products and services.

Following nature's example, where the sun's energy keeps natural cycles in motion and where there are no waste material or products, we maintain a materials cycle to produce three powerful brands. The minimised environmental pollution through waste water and emissions that is associated with our production process leads to product-related environmental protection based on environmentally-friendly and predominantly recyclable products. Further supporting environmental protection measures, such as noise reduction and residual material recycling, as well as the inclusion of our employees in the concept result in ecological production whose output, in the form of the 'creative three', contributes to enhancing quality of life.
OEKOTEX 100  tested quality - UV-protection according to EN 13758-1
Quality made in Germany meeting highest demands. Discover the ideal model for you.
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markilux showroom
markilux showroom
markilux showroom
markilux showroom
markilux showroom
markilux showroom
markilux showroom
markilux showroom
markilux showroom


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